How does bidding work at an auction?

An item comes up for sale and people begin bidding on such items. To be the top bidder, you must bid higher than the previous person. Eventually, the auction comes to an end and the highest bidder will get to take home the item. Do you prefer to bid online or in person?

What are the 4 types of auctions?

He established four major (one-sided) auction types: (1) the ascending-bid (open, oral, or English) auction; (2) the descending-bid (Dutch) auction; (3) the first price, sealed-bid auction; and (4) the second price, sealed-bid (Vickrey) auction. Which type of auctiondo you feel most comfortable with?

What is the best bidding website 2022?

What auction company would you add or remove from this list?


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In the auction world online and offline you can dip your toes into the world of bidding. For those just starting out, the auction house can be an extremely intimidating place, and for good reason—one ill-timed yawn, and you could have committed yourself to bidding and winning an item you perhaps no intention of owning.  This forum has you covered with our best people chiming in on how to navigate the auction circuit and maybe even pick up an item or two without embarrassing yourself or maxing out your credit card.




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Be Wary of Some Online Auctions

It is unfortunate but “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet,” was what our parents told us years ago. So, you should proceed with caution before joining an online auction. When you see the AUCTION CERTIFIED certificate you can now safely bid as that auction has gone though a vetting process for validity. Make sure they are a reputable auction house, gallery, or institution before you register and start bidding on items. Auction Certified has validated their online reviews, their licensing documents, their overall reputation, researched their customer service procedures and terms and conditions, plus much more. The ability to Safely Bid and receive the correct auction items as represented is they’re overall goal. Do you have an auction company that disappointed you?

Understanding the terminology

Do I need to Register at an auction?

Before the auction begins, you must register ahead of time for the auction. This is an easy process and takes just a few moments. Be prepared to have your name, address, phone number, and payment information ahead of time. 

Different types of bids at online auctions

There are typically two different types of bids you can make at a live online auction. The first is a pre-bid which is a set amount you bid before the date of the live online auction. During this period, other people can bid against you with their pre-bids. Do you like to Prebid?